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SG1000 - Sigame



Sigame uses as a main element amessaging, tracking and tracking platform and
real-timelocation (RTLS) based on Wi-Fi network IEEE 802.11 standard. In This platform allows
addition to locating the actors involved in the process,communication through a "badge
two-dimensional electronic" (TAG SIGAME) system. Where there is wireless network coverage (Wi-Fi wireless) within the
hospital environment, it is possible to track and exchange text messages.

SIGAME TAGs are shared between teams and assigned to each professional at the beginning of
their shift. They are light, compact, have long battery life, cannot be turned off,
unconfigured or have their batteries removed. The battery level is continuously monitored by
the SIGAME platform and when that level becomes dangerously low, users are instructed by means
of messages to replace their badges.
It also allows the creation of virtual fences to prevent the professional from leaving the area of wireless coverage or badges being removed from the institution.

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SG1000 - Sigame

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